artist photo

Carol Philips has been making art for over 30 years. Throughout this time, some aspects of her work have remained consistent: a love of color, an obsession with composition, and the use of nature and mystic texts  - primarily the Kabbalah - for inspiration. Others have changed: whereas her scale was once quite large, it has become smaller and more intimate; texture has become a predominant concern; and her imagery is increasingly abstract. Finally, her medium is no longer paint. Rather than painting, she creates work using both paint and other materials  - from natural, such as leaves and petals, to "craft," including glitter, sequins, and ribbons, to office supplies and found items. All of these are combined as needed to discover and create a piece's meaning.


Throughout her career, Carol has taught art and the creative process to people of all ages and across the United States. She has taught at colleges, universities, kindergarten through high schools, and at her studio. Following many years of exhibiting work in New England galleries and museums, she has devoted the time she spends on making art to creating rather than showing (with the exception of responding to a few invitations). Since relocating from Vermont to Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, she has begun to show work again.