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The veil is a frequent image in mystic systems in general and in Jewish mysticism in particular. My interest in the Gateway to Her Dwelling installation was to play with actual veils - that is sheer fabrics - to make a permeable entrance to the Shekinah's dwelling. The opportunity to do so came about at a residency offered in a natural setting by Art Kibbutz. In addition to the "veil" concept, I was very curious about how these translucent and very lightweight fabrics would interact with wind, sunlight and each other. The materials of the individual "veils" are ink, sticks, pebbles, artiifical flowers and ribbon on voile and organza. They are each between 12" and 36" across and from 7' to 11' long. They were installed hung together on several ropes, between a clearing and the deep woods.


Upon my return home, I continued to work with the concept of entering the Shekhina's space, this time by passing through a narrow threshold. The materials for this piece are the same as those for the Entrance; it is 28" wide and 9' long. It was installed at Figment on Governor's Island, NYC.

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